Sew Easy Quilting Gloves Medium - Large ER980P.L



Sew Easy Quilting Gloves ER980.P.L  Medium - Large

Size: Overall length from tip of middle finger to base of cuff is23.5cm/9.25"

Premium high quality quilting gloves, available in two size options with a new slimline, comfortable fit. Now with rubberised grip dots on both sides of the fingertips for added control, less movement and friction and reduced strain on the hands. New Nylon fabric with added polyester and elastic for a better fit, increased flexibility and less movement. Ideal for easily and safely adding or removing pins, adjusting fabrics, changing threads and threading needles with added control. Also suitable for sewing, scrapbooking and crafting.

Keeps your hands and quilts clean

Better grip on your quilts with the grip dots on both sides of the fingertips

Breathable soft fabric keeps hands dry and cool

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