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Comel A0072-32
Comel A0381A. DISCONTINUED USE A0072-32
Comel A0040
Comel Comel A0040 3.0 bar Filler Cap
£16.48 (Plus Vat) £19.78 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0774
Comel Comel A0774 Teflon Iron Shoe
£17.50 (Plus Vat) £21.00 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0761 Boiler Thermostat
Comel Comel A0761 Boiler Thermostat
£8.37 (Plus Vat) £10.04 (Inc Vat)
Comel A031/A0031
Comel Comel A031/A0031 black rubber iron Matt
£4.09 (Plus Vat) £4.91 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0051
Comel Comel A0051 green on/off switch
£3.50 (Plus Vat) £4.20 (Inc Vat)
Comel RA012A element gasket
Comel Comel RA012A element gasket
£14.40 (Plus Vat) £17.28 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0970 boiler element
Comel Comel A0970 boiler element
£37.50 (Plus Vat) £45.00 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0041
Comel Comel A0041 filler Cap washer
£0.80 (Plus Vat) £0.96 (Inc Vat)
Comel 721  PAB-MG
Comel Comel 721 PAB-MG 1.8kg steam Iron with lead price
£145.00 (Plus Vat) £174.00 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0048
Comel Comel A0048 boiler drain tap
£10.98 (Plus Vat) £13.18 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0001 pressure guage
Comel Comel A0001 pressure guage
£15.92 (Plus Vat) £19.10 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0765 water level light
Comel Comel A0765 water level light
£9.90 (Plus Vat) £11.88 (Inc Vat)
Comel B0052
Comel Comel B0052 green ready light
£3.95 (Plus Vat) £4.74 (Inc Vat)
Comel COMEL RA001 Steam hose connector
£2.95 (Plus Vat) £3.54 (Inc Vat)
Comel  A0028
Comel Comel A0028 steam hose for iron (1 meter)
£4.32 (Plus Vat) £5.18 (Inc Vat)
A0007 Comel
Comel A0007 Comel SXD/ComeluxC/C5 vacuum board thermostat
£27.50 (Plus Vat) £33.00 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0090
Comel Comel A0090 castor (Small) for Comelux C and C5
£2.95 (Plus Vat) £3.54 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0080
Comel Comel A0080 Comelux C and C5 Vacuum board motor
£85.00 (Plus Vat) £102.00 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0086
Comel Comel A0086 Vacuum board micro switch
£5.00 (Plus Vat) £6.00 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0052
Comel Comel A0052 red warning light
£3.95 (Plus Vat) £4.74 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0395/A0825
Comel Comel A0395/A0825 steam valve and solenoid
£34.58 (Plus Vat) £41.50 (Inc Vat)
Comel A0462 Water level sight glass
Comel Comel A0462 Water level sight glass
£6.95 (Plus Vat) £8.34 (Inc Vat)

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