Ram 1000 electronic meter unit

£595.00 (Plus Vat) £714.00 (Inc Vat)


The Ram 1000 electronic meter unit, with 25mm, 70mm, or 100mm rollers.

  • Immediate compensation for elastic tension when changing
    from flat to high tensions or vice-versa for perfect quality.

  • Easy pre-setting of tension value and possibility of repeating the pre-setvalue
    to ensure uniformity,production increase & complete elimination of waste materials

  • Precision in the measurements

  • Guarantee of repetition of value settings & constant quality

  • Average production may increase at rates up to 30%
  • Top Quality can be obtained regardless of the operators' experience or skills.

  • Allow a multi tension metering to be set up instantly and each tension recalled whenever desired

  • Can be move from machine to machine quickly and without having to have an engineer

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Ram electronic meter 
unit (price is plus Vat)

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