New Rexel NTH-125W round knife cutter

Round Knife Cutter

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Key features:

- The NTH-125 round knife cutting machine has been designed for cutting any textile materials (from light to heavy depending on the version of the cutting machine).
- It can cut both low plies of fabric (even 2 layers) or cut high plies of materials.
- The Cutting machines NTH-125 have built in sharpeners designed for blade sharpening during operation.
- The cutting machines have blade height adjustment mechanism which allows to extend the life of the blade.
- Our round knife cutting machines are equipped with a universal single-phase commutator motor KASO 74/35 made in Poland.

Available versions of NTH-125 cutting machines:

NTH-125W high speed 1000 rpm version designed for lightweight materials.
NTH-125N low speed 500 rpm version designed for cutting hard materials (carpets, denim, felt etc.).
NTH-125R version with variable speed control in the range from 500 rpm to 1000 rpm.


Model: NTH-125
Blade diameter: 125 mm
Maximum cutting height: 98 mm
Voltage: 1 ~ 230 V / 50 Hz
Motor power: 380 W
Weight: 3.5 kg

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