Comel MP/F/T

vacuum tables for Curtains


The MP/F/T rectangular vacuum table with built in 4kw boiler and steam iron is designed
for pressing curtains off all sizes, the system comes in four sizes listed below, with curtain
collectors on both sides to keep your curtains off the floor while pressing.

   Sizes            200 cm x 75 cm

                        250 cm x 75 cm

                        300 cm x 75 cm

                        300 cm x 100 cm

 The table also comes with an overhead iron balancing system and light as seen on above photo.

 Approx. Price for the 300 cm x 100 cm £4795.00 plus vat

Please contact us and we can confirm the up to date prices

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Rectangular Vacuum Table for Curtains with
built in boiler and iron. (The above price is plus Vat)

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