Comel Comelux C5 ADJ

boiler and vacuum board adjustable height

£850.00 (Plus Vat) £1,020.00 (Inc Vat)


The Comelux C5 is a Professional Ironing table with 4.5 ltr stainless steel Boiler and Iron.
with adjustable height. 80-90cm

The Vacuum table has a thermostatic controlled heated table top, together with a foot operated Vacuum system, this keeps the table covers dry and removes any excess steam, ensuring your garments are dry and crease free when you finish pressing.

This Unit is Ideal for design rooms, alteration units, Dry Cleaners and can also be used at home.

Dimensions of the Vacuum board/boiler unit:-  Length 135cm width 42cm height 93cm

 Please contact us for a delivery price quote.

 Please note on mail order this item has a return to base warranty

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