Brother NEXIO S7250A

lockstitch (Premium)

£1,195.00 (Plus Vat) £1,434.00 (Inc Vat)


The latest in the Brother Nexio range will be with us soon, with the new Digiflex feed system, 

gives a more positive feed movement and less pucker and no further needle breaks when

New improved sewing speed of 5000spm

DigiFlex Feed Direct Electronic Feed Control

 Reduces needle breakage and improves productivity
Simple to select for smooth sewing and less material slippage
Excellent sewing quality helps thread tension on different fabrics  

Needle breakage prevention with Brother own 3 functions

1:- Optimization of fabric timing by changing feed motion of DFF  
Can alter fabric feed timing to help prevent needle breakage even on thick fabrics.

2:- Change from Mechanical control, to stepping motor control with DDF
 making response of reverse sewing quicker and reduces needle breakage   

 3:-  Equipped with needle prevent breakage function while reverse sewing.
Sensing needle position and controlling proper feed timing that prevent from unreasonable
reverse sewing as needle breaks automatically

4:- Beautiful Stitching without puckering
DDF helps reduce thread tightening in relation to fabric to reduce puckering.

5:- Easy operation with simple panel 
You can alter stitch length, sewing speed and feed set you quickly, on the new easy to operate panel.  

Download Broucher

   Advanced Panel operation 

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