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Juki LZ2280
Juki Juki LZ2280 zig zag machine
£2,895.00 (Plus Vat) £3,474.00 (Inc Vat)
Global NF-3901
Global Global NF-3901 needle feed lockstitch machine
£1,295.00 (Plus Vat) £1,554.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba AA-6
Siruba Siruba AA-6 bag stitched
£299.00 (Plus Vat) £358.80 (Inc Vat)
Seiko SK-2B
Seiko Seiko SK-2B Single needle extra heavy Duty machine
£3,250.00 (Plus Vat) £3,900.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba 757L-516M3-35
Siruba Siruba 757L-516M3-35 Five Thread Overlock with Direct Drive
£950.00 (Plus Vat) £1,140.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba BT630A
Siruba Siruba BT630A electronic small area pattern tack
£2,850.00 (Plus Vat) £3,420.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba BT430ASiruba BT430A
Siruba Siruba BT430A electronic bat tack machine
£2,495.00 (Plus Vat) £2,994.00 (Inc Vat)
Pfaff 335G
Pfaff Pfaff 335G cylinder arm walking foot machine
£2,095.00 (Plus Vat) £2,514.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba DL7200-BM1 (ex hire)
Siruba Siruba DL7200-BM1 (ex hire) direct drive lockstitch U.B.T
£550.00 (Plus Vat) £660.00 (Inc Vat)
Brother NEXIO S7250A
Brother Brother NEXIO S7250A lockstitch (Premium)
£1,195.00 (Plus Vat) £1,434.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba S007
Siruba Siruba S007 direct drive Small hemming machine
£3,095.00 (Plus Vat) £3,714.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba DL3881
Siruba C007KD-W812
Siruba Siruba C007KD-W812 hemming machine with left hand knife
£3,250.00 (Plus Vat) £3,900.00 (Inc Vat)
Brother BAS-311HN
Brother Brother BAS-311HN Programmable pattern tack machine
£7,195.00 (Plus Vat) £8,634.00 (Inc Vat)
Global BS-473-DDGlobal BS-473-DD
Global Global BS-473-DD Direct Drive Chain Stitch Button Sew Machine
£1,295.00 (Plus Vat) £1,554.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba F007KD-W122
Siruba Siruba F007KD-W122 Flat bed hemming machine
£1,195.00 (Plus Vat) £1,434.00 (Inc Vat)
Brother NEXIO S7300-403
Brother Brother NEXIO S7300-403 With Electronic Feed system
£1,195.00 (Plus Vat) £1,434.00 (Inc Vat)
Brother HE-800C-2Brother HE-800C-2
Brother Brother HE-800C-2 electronic button hole machine
£3,995.00 (Plus Vat) £4,794.00 (Inc Vat)
Juki LU-1509N
Juki Juki LU-1509N single needle walking foot machine
£2,650.00 (Plus Vat) £3,180.00 (Inc Vat)
Juki MO6800S
Juki Juki MO6800S series overlock machines
£895.00 (Plus Vat) £1,074.00 (Inc Vat)
Global WF925
Global Global WF925 single needle walking foot machine
£1,595.00 (Plus Vat) £1,914.00 (Inc Vat)

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