Brother BAS-311HN

Programmable pattern tack machine

£7,195.00 (Plus Vat) £8,634.00 (Inc Vat)


The New Brother BAS-311HN programmable pattern tack

  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Stitch area 150mm x 100mm
  • 2800 sti/min With High Quality Sewing
  • High Energy Saving
  • LED Touch Screen Progammer


Easy Operation with LED Touch Panel
7-inch large screen and easy programming functions via
LED touch panel enables an intuitive operation.
Easy to understand without instruction Manual
with fewer steps to programming.

         Brother have four machines available in this range:-

         BAS-311HN-05            BAS-326H
         150mm x 100mm               220mm x 100mm

          BAS-341H                    BAS-342H
         250mm x 160mm                300mm x 200mm

         Please contact for information and prices on all models.         

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