Comfortwear Fusible backing 50cmx1metre white



Comfortwear 51g 50cmx1metre

Comfort-Wear is a fusible, bi-elastic jersey interlining to cover the reverse of embroideries, to protect the skin from potential scratching or irritation. The bi-elasticity and softness of Comfort-Wear provides excellent wearing comfort, allowing maximum freedom of movement. Comfort-Wear is a very light fabric and thus will not show through the clothing. 

Comfort-Wear is fixed onto the reverse of the embroidery by using a heat press or iron. The adhesive agent of Comfort-Wear will be activated again each time it is ironed and hence will stick much longer than comparable


Due to the spherical adhesive agent the coated side is rougher and therefore clearly visible. Lay the coated side of Comfort-Wear onto the reverse of the embroidery and fix it using a heat press or iron. To protect the embroidery and the fabric/garment, we strongly recommend placing a separate cloth under the main embroidery face. After ironing Comfort-Wear has to cool for min. 2 hours.

Optimal fixing conditions:

Heat press:
Temperature: 130 - 140 °C
Pressure: 4-6 bar
Duration: approx. 15 sec.

Temperature: 2 points with maximum steam
max. Dampfstufe
Pressure: as strong as possible
Duration: approx. 30 sec.
Due to the variety of temperature resistance and finish of different fabrics, it is essential to run tests before starting production.

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