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Brother S7100A-403
Comel Comelux C5
Comel Comel Comelux C5 boiler and vacuum board
£695.00 (Plus Vat) £834.00 (Inc Vat)
Siruba 747L-514M3-24
Siruba Siruba 747L-514M3-24 Four Thread Overlock with Direct Drive
£895.00 (Plus Vat) £1,074.00 (Inc Vat)
Save £10
Brother 3034DWT
Save £10
Brother 4234D
Brother BAS-311HN
Brother Brother BAS-311HN Programmable pattern tack machine
£7,195.00 (Plus Vat) £8,634.00 (Inc Vat)
Comel Comelux C5 ADJ
New Brother PR680WNew Brother PR680W

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